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Members get in the swing with Ping

March 30, 2015

Ping 150x150

Every golfer’s swing differs in some aspect, so it’s only natural that golfers prefer different brands and models of clubs. Hitting balls with a certain type of club is the best way to see if you like it or not. To introduce our members to the latest G30 line of clubs from Ping, Old Palm recently held at Demo Day at the Golf Studio.

During the four-hour session, all of the G30 clubs were available to hit— irons, hybrids, fairway woods and drivers. Each club has different attributes. For instance, the drivers feature Turbulator Technology in the crown to help generate faster club head speed and ball velocity for longer, more accurate tee shots. Irons have a thin face to optimize launch conditions and generate faster ball speeds, ensuring maximum distance and control to consistently knock balls close.

If members liked the clubs enough to buy them, Ping representatives were on hand for club fittings.


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