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Putting from off the green can lower your score

May 06, 2015

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Taylor’s Tips

By Bud Taylor, Director of Golf at Old Palm Golf Club

I’ve noticed that many golfers are quick to pull out a pitching wedge or sand wedge to chip or pitch when putting would be the better play. Putting is by and large the safer play, and by playing the percentages golfers will lower their scores.

The paspalum grass around Old Palm’s greens is tightly mown, making a chip or pitch an even more difficult shot because there is no cushion of grass under the ball. When choosing to putt from off the green, consider doing it from as far away as 20-30 feet from the edge of the putting surface. It will take a little practice, but I’ll bet your scores will improve.

Here’s how to putt well from off the green:

• Stand more upright, allowing the putter to swing more. You need to strike the ball firmer than on the putting green and standing taller will help you make a longer stroke.

• Grip the putter approximately 50% firmer. The tighter grip will encourage a firmer stroke.

• Play the ball in the center of your stance. This encourages a downward strike on the ball that will help the ball bounce slightly along the ground toward the hole.


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