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Make a date with the paranormal

May 27, 2015

Ghost 150x150

If you love a good scare, now is a great time to join a Ghost Tour of Yesteryear Village in the South Florida Fairgrounds. The next event is Friday, June 5, 8PM-10PM.

At that time of the night, the village’s historical buildings will be eerily lit so you can easily imagine things going bump in the night. As you meander through the streets, the guide will reveal all sorts of weird sightings and incidents that have been reported.

There’s the Riddle House, the former home of a cemetery worker, where a tortured soul supposedly walks the halls. The ghoul’s story is so captivating that it was featured on an episode of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel.

And how about the clock at the Pineapple Processing Plant? It supposedly stopped at midnight and then flew off the wall at 3AM, the exact time one of the workers was killed.

Tickets for the ghost tours are limited, so make reservations now by calling 561-790-5232. Or purchase tickets online at www.SouthFloridaFair.com/events/2015/ghosttours


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