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Old Palm Spa nails it naturally

September 02, 2015

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  The Spa at Old Palm Golf Club now introduces Zoya. Zoya is an all-natural nail polish product for the perfect long lasting mani or pedi. Zoya Offers vibrant trendy colors or the all-natural bare look if you prefer.  One of Zoya’s biggest selling points is that their products are made using a vegan-friendly formula that excludes potentially harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene and camphor—a collection of toxins known as the Big 5. According to several studies on nail polish, the adverse effects of these toxins include respiratory problems, an alteration of hormone levels and disruption of the endocrine system. Spa workers are particularly susceptible to the ill effects because they are exposed to the toxins for longer periods of time. However, the studies confirmed that Zoya products are completely free of all toxins, as advertised. The company Zoya was started by a Russian classical pianist turned cosmetologist named Zoya Reyzis and her husband, Michael. He is the chemist that develops the natural products, which are considered to be healthier and more environmentally conscious than competitive brands. Most of the products are patented and found in the world’s finest salons and spas such as the Spa in Old Palm.  


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