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Ladies Book Club Immersed in an Epic Story of love

November 09, 2015

515p3orn1kl. sx327 bo1204203200  150x150 The members of Old Palm’s Ladies Book Club are currently reading “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah, a novel of sisterhood, escape and romance. They will discuss the bestseller at their meeting in the Ladies Lounge in the Club on Wednesday, November 18, at 4PM. The book’s setting is World War II as the Nazis penetrate the Maginot Line and invade France. The plot concerns a young woman known as “The Nightingale” that shepherds Allied pilots that have been shot down to safety across the Pyrenees Mountains. The harsh realities of the war are described in searing detail, including German occupation of France, refugees fleeing their homes, and Jews cut off from food supplies and forced to wear the cloth star of David that will mark them for the death camps. Even so, the novel’s finale proves that love conquers all, even the Nazis. “The Nightingale” is based on a true story of a woman in Belgian that helped Allied pilots during World War II.  


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