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No blank CANVAS

November 16, 2015

Canvas 150x150

West Palm Beach is now holding an art event on a scale that the city has never seen before. It’s called the CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show, and it showcases more than 20 artists from around the world. You can watch these amazingly talented artists transform the city by painting enormous murals on public and private buildings, constructing sculptures in parks and creating various installations, all in walking distance within the Downtown District. Venues include the City Hall courtyard, Royal Park Bridge, Fern Street and the Whitney. The artists include fine art photographer Cheryl Maeder, muralist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), photo realist pioneer Case, and Cuban painter Jose Bedia. For a complete list of the artists and the locations of their exhibitions, so you can watch in real time, go to canvaswpb.org


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