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Pub Night gets ugly but not entirely

December 18, 2015

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Old Palm members recently put on their tackiest, most unattractive sweaters for a rousing Ugly Sweater Pub Night at the Club. Ugly Sweater parties have become somewhat of a phenomenon, and the one at Old Palm was a fun-filled event where members proudly wore some of the most hideous sweaters ever knitted. Although the sweaters weren’t every palatable, the drinks definitely were because Pub Night also featured a tasting of Bulletproof wines. Founding partner Howard Freedland was on hand to share his love for wine and to extol the virtues of Bulletproof wines. The selections included a Cabernet Sauvignon with an aroma of baking spices, a creamy and smooth Chardonnay, and a wonderful blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot that are co-fermented to assure a perfect marriage of the varieties. The wines were well received, which made the ugly sweaters a little easier on the eyes.

Ugly Sweater Pub Night


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