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Ladies to discuss a sprawling historical novel

January 13, 2016

Bridal chair  150x150

The members of the Ladies Book Club at Old Palm Golf Club are now reading “The Bridal Chair,” a novel by Gloria Goldreich that covers the key decades in the life of Ida Chagall, the daughter of modernist painter Marc Chagall. It’s a fascinating time in history, as the novel begins in the 1920s, when painters such as Chagall moved to Paris, and continues into World War II, when the Jewish Chagalls fled to the United States to escape the advancing Nazis. The book’s title refers to Chagall’s painting of the same name, which he created for his only daughter’s wedding in 1934. “The Bridal Chair” is written in a story-telling prose that beautifully evokes time and place. While fact-based, it is an imaginative re-creation of one of the great painters, printmakers, ceramicists and theatrical designers of the 20th century. The Ladies Book Club will meet on January 20 at 4PM in the Ladies Lounge at Old Palm to discuss the best-selling novel. While it’s not necessary to read the book before attending, it is encouraged.


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