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You are what you eat

January 20, 2016

Healthcoachpicture 150x182 150x150 Health coach, personal trainer and raw chef Diane Lusk recently presented the first of her five nutritional seminars at the Club at Old Palm, and plenty of interested members were in attendance. In the first session, Lusk discussed the effects of refined sugar in the diet. For instance, sugar can negatively affect metabolism, and it contains “empty” calories because sugar is devoid of essential nutrients. It can also cause the “sugar blues,” the main topic of Lusk’s first seminar. There are plenty of healthier ways to eat, even for dessert. To demonstrate, Lusk prepared a delicious sugar-free sweet as an alternative to more conventional desserts, which are typically high in sugar. In the coming weeks, Lusk will discuss how toxins disrupt the endocrine system, the benefits of juicing, healthy shopping and eating for energy.  


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