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Love triangle makes “Euphoria” a page-turner.

February 15, 2016

Euphoria 150x150 Members of the Old Palm Ladies Book Club are currently reading “Euphoria,” by Lily King, an engaging tale inspired by the life of anthropologist Margaret Mead. The book is a fictionalized account of three anthropologists (two men and a woman) doing fieldwork in 1933 along the Sepik River in New Guinea. In many ways, the story parallels Mead’s life. A national bestseller, “Euphoria” won numerous literary awards and earned rave reviews. BookPage called it “an adventure-filled novel written with authority and lyrical grace.” Newsday described the book as being “as concentrated as orchid food, packing as much narrative power and intellectual energy into its 250 pages as novels triple the size.” The New York Time Book Review hailed it as “a taut, witty, fiercely intelligent tale of competing egos and desires in a landscape of exotic menace.” The members of the Ladies Book Club will offer up their thoughts on “Euphoria” at a meeting in the Ladies Lounge in the Club at Old Palm on Wednesday, February 24, 4:00PM. As always, the discussion is expected to be animated, intelligent and immensely enjoyable.


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