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Another demo day at Old Palm

March 09, 2016

Taylor made 150x150 Golfers love to try out new golf clubs, and the members of Old Palm are no different. Hitting a variety of clubs is a great way to demonstrate if you like them without any obligation to buy. Knowing how much our members enjoy the opportunity for this sort of “demo,” Old Palm recently held an event for the golf club manufacturer TaylorMade at the Golf Studio. Plenty of interested golfers showed up and hit TaylorMade’s new M1 driver, fairway and rescue clubs and the company’s PSi irons. The M1 driver features a multi-material construction with a proprietary 7-layer carbon composite crown and a weight-loaded sole for a more efficient power transfer. The driver has an extremely low center of gravity that maximizes power and speed. Those advancements were added to help golfers drive the ball longer—much longer. TaylorMade’s new PSi clubs are designed for the scratch to 10-handicap player with a smaller profile but without sacrificing the distance and forgiveness of TaylorMade’s RSi irons. Like those clubs, the PSi irons have a Speed Pocket for consistent distance and trajectory when the ball is hit low on the face. Members who tried out the clubs and decided to buy were personally fitted with a new set. The fitting involved adjusting each club to better accommodate the individual golfer’s height, arm length, strengths, swing and other variables.


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