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Juniors enjoy golf camp during spring break

April 27, 2016

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Old Palm Golf Club recently held a Spring Break Golf Camp for juniors of all skill levels, even beginners, and it was a big hit. The two-day event introduced junior golfers to the game using the PGA Sports Academy Program, and the emphasis was on fun. The academy keeps young golfers engaged by developing their skills in five areas:  

  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Golf skills
  • Sportsmanship, etiquette and rules
  • Golf and “near golf” experiences
  • Golf and skills challenges
Besides being fun, the lessons were interactive and covered the essentials of the game. The juniors learned fundamental movements, sharpened their motor skills, and learned the rules golf. PGA Sports Academy Program also uses ball-striking games such as baseball and hockey to develop hand-eye coordination that helps juniors improve their golf. The instructors were just as enthusiastic as the kids. That’s crucial to teaching because when juniors sense the instructors’ love for the sport, they’re more likely to continue playing and hopefully become golfers for a lifetime.


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