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Lusk discusses toxins and healthy shopping

May 03, 2016

Vegetable 755723 960 720 e1461955366202 150x150 Health coach Diane Lusk has been holding discussions on healthy living at Old Palm Golf Club for months now. She has covered topics ranging from the effects of refined sugar to the benefits of juicing. But no topic has been more warmly received and enlightening than Lusk’s session on how toxins affect the endocrine system. Because of the enthusiastic response from Old Palm’s members, Lusk recently spoke about toxins once again. But this time, she added a discussion of healthy shopping. It was a hit. Members learned how to avoid everyday toxins by eating fewer animal products, drinking water filtered to remove atrazine and lead, and consuming seafood that is low in mercury. Eating right starts with shopping right, so Lusk also went into great detail about how to buy healthy foods without sacrificing taste. It often starts by simply reading food labels for nutritional information.  


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