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Top 3 Health Benefits Of Golf

February 02, 2017

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Golf is not often thought of as a sport that can give a great workout, but it is actually one of the healthiest physical activities recommended by doctors. This leisurely sport can have a great impact towards improving the health of one's body, heart, and mind.

Old Palm Golf Club members can play the scenic 19-hole course and enjoy the sport's top three health benefits.

1. Burn Calories And Improve Heart Health

Even though golf is a sport with a low overall risk of injury, it can provide enough levels of physical activity for a worthwhile workout. A 2010 study by Denver's Rose Medical Center concluded that golfers that walked the course while carrying their golf bags could burn up to 1,500 calories after 18 holes. Even those who opted to use golf carts are expending significant energy; about 800 calories can be burned in an 18-hole game by just swinging the golf club. Additionally, the regular physical activity of walking, carrying, and swinging keeps the heart rate up, increasing blood flow, and lowering bad cholesterol levels, thus decreasing the risk of heart disease.

2. Soak Up Vitamin D Within Nature

The Palm Beach golf course at Old Palm is truly one with nature, allowing players to bask in Florida's abundant sunshine. Hours of safe exposure to sunlight (with the protection of sunscreen) allows the body to absorb higher levels of vitamin D, a nutrient responsible for promoting bone growth and heart health. This essential vitamin can also lower anxiety levels, therefore keeping some forms of depression at bay.

3. Engage And Relax The Mind

The sun is not the only thing that can improve the overall health of golfers. The challenge of the sport and the camaraderie it encourages both help to improve mental health. As golfers play a round, their competitive juices get to flow which boosts confidence and self-esteem. Since each hole is like a distinct puzzle, the brain is constantly engaged in challenging tasks as it comes up with strategies and maintains hand-eye coordination. And yet, the game is not purely cognitive, it is great for socialization as well. Those who mingle with their friends while in the calming natural setting of a golf course are more likely to feel relaxed and have brighter outlooks. Socializing triggers the release of natural endorphins that promote a general sense of well-being and also act as painkillers. As it turns out, a game of golf is likely just what the doctor ordered.

Old Palm Golf Club aims to provide its members with elegant living and exceptional golf. Call us today to find out how you can start enjoying the good life!


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