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Fitness Tips For Golfers & Golf Workout

June 29, 2017

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Golf is not always seen as a very physically demanding sport, though it does have many health benefits. However, any seasoned golfer knows that being in good shape has a major impact on the golfer’s game. Aside from preventing injuries, working out and stretching improves one’s swing by increasing range of motion and strength. Residents of Old Palm, a premier Palm Beach golf club community, not only have access to a world-class golf experience, but also a state-of-the-art fitness center where they can apply the following fitness tips for golfers to improve their game.

What to Work On

Before hitting the putting greens, hit the gym. Players who boost their physical health and fitness can prevent overuse injuries and muscle imbalances, and simultaneously achieve a stronger swing, improved movement on the course, and an overall better golf game. An ideal golf workout is one that builds strength and increases range of motion while improving mobility, balance, and flexibility.

Components of an Optimal Golf Workout

  1. Push exercise — Muscle contracts as weight is pushed away from the body. These types of exercises typically target arms, chest, glutes, and lower leg muscles.

  2. Pull exercise — Muscle contracts as weight is pulled toward body. These movements target back, arms, quads, and abdominal muscles.

  3. Lower-body exercise — Builds lower body strength. Targets major thigh muscles, calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

  4. Core exercise — Strengthens back, chest, and abdominal muscles for better posture, balance, and stability.

Before the workout, warm up properly utilizing dynamic stretches and a foam roller. During the golf workout, blend strength-training with mobility exercises. Incorporate unilateral movements, using one limb at a time, to prevent one side of the body from being favored. Exercise the body in all three planes—side to side, frontward and backward, and rotationally.

The Fitness Center

Palm Beach Golf Club community residents of Old Palm can improve their physical health and golf game simultaneously by stopping by The Fitness Center. With top-quality Cybex equipment, free weights, newly developed golf-specific training equipment, and more–the gym has it all!

If you’re consulting with our club trainers, feel free to bring these golfers’ fitness tips along. They can develop a personalized golf workout that includes cardio, strength-training and stretching exercises that will optimize your swing.

Want to learn more about our Clubhouse amenities? What about starting your journey to become an Old Palm resident? We can answer all your questions and schedule home tours, just call us today!


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