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Old Palm Real Estate’s Guide To Selling Your Old Palm Home

June 30, 2021


The residences nestled behind the gates of Old Palm Golf Club are renowned for their sophisticated design, luxurious amenities, and desirable location. In 2021, the demand for Old Palm homes has never been higher - making now the perfect time to sell your home! Old Palm Real Estate has put together a valuable guide to help you make a more informed decision when considering selling your Old Palm home.


Why Sell Your Old Palm Home?


There are many determining factors that go into selling your home. Old Palm Real Estate first suggests that you ask yourself WHY you are interested in selling. Are you looking to downsize? Capitalize on your investment? Move to a different neighborhood within the community? 


Perhaps even all of the above? 


Once your intentions are clear, the experts at Old Palm Real Estate can determine a sales and marketing strategy that not only maximizes the equity in your residence, but also meets your particular lifestyle and financial goals. 


When To Sell Your Home Palm Home


Timing the sale of your Old Palm home isn’t an exact science. Old Palm Real Estate dedicates extensive time and resources analyzing the Old Palm and larger South Florida market to ensure that you can take advantage of the best market price for your particular home. With the recent history-making spike in sales and inquiries, Old Palm's inventory of homes is at its lowest level in years. This, coupled with record sales numbers, leaves our professionals certain that now is the best time to sell. 


A Look At The Data 


If you are still uncertain on whether you’re ready to sell, take a look at our market report examining January - May 2021’s real estate trends. There have been a total of 38 closed sales between January 1, and May 31, 2021 in Old Palm— only nine less than the 47 recorded throughout the entire year of 2020. The residences in Old Palm Golf Club are selling at a quicker pace than last year, and they are also commanding higher prices. In 2021 thus far, the listing price of an Old Palm sold home has averaged $4,831,289, which is 32% higher than 2020’s average listing price of $3,665,298. The average sales price has also jumped 29% from last year, rising from $3,109,923 to $4,018,237. Finally, the rise in average sold price per square foot speaks to the soaring value of Old Palm homes - increasing to $631 in 2021 year to date—nearly an 18% increase compared to 2020!


Take a look at our comprehensive market report by clicking HERE.


Choose Old Palm's Most Trusted Broker


Connie McGinnis of Old Palm Real Estate has put his knowledge of the community and 30+ years of industry experience to the test - resulting in his listing and selling more property at Old Palm than any agent so far in 2021!  


Connie McGinnis has worked in sales at Old Palm since the community’s inception in 2004 and holds the record for most homes sold in Old Palm since that time. If you are considering listing your luxury home, Connie McGinnis and Old Palm Real Estate have qualified buyers waiting, and would love to meet with you.  


Ready to move?


To learn more about any of the Old Palm homes available for private showings, contact Connie McGinnis with Old Palm Real Estate at 561-493-7220. Connie McGinnis is Old Palm’s #1 Broker in listings and sales since the community's inception and holds over 30 years of experience selling luxury properties throughout South Florida!



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