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Stop slicing for good
August 22, 2013

Golfers that slice the ball often “chop” at it with their arms, rather than properly turning their body when hitting the ball. The result is usually a weak, short shot to the right But you can quickly eliminate slicing with an easy drill, says Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction at Old Palm and one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America In the most recent issue of Golf Magazine, Hackett demonstrates the 3-step drill, which can turn a slice into a power fade—or even a draw. Step One: Pre-Set Impact. Hold a golf ball in your right hand and an iron in your left. Lean forward onto your left foot as if impacting the ball, with your right heel slightly raised and your hips open to the target. Step Two: Swing Back. Stay in your pre-set impact position and make a three-quarter backswing while…


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