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Hackett voted one of Florida’s best
October 16, 2013

Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction at Old Palm Golf Club, just added one more accolade to his long list of professional distinctions. He was recently voted one of Floridaâs best golf teachers by a distinguished panel of 1,200 of Americaâs leading golf instructors Being recognized by his peers is particularly rewarding for Hackett because the panel fully understands what it takes to be a phenomenal teacher. The results of the vote are listed in the November 2013 issue of âGolf Digest,â which is now available on line and in print Members of Old Palm that have taken lessons from Hackett know firsthand how helpful his instruction can be. Hackett has a knack for explaining even the complexities of the swing in easy-to-grasp terms and then showing members how they can quickly adjust their games for maximum results. Several of Hackettâs instructional videos are on Old…

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Greg Norman shoots Macy's ad at Old Palm
October 12, 2013

When Macy’s wants to do a photo shoot for their Greg Norman golf attire line where do they go? Where else but Old Palm Golf Club. The picturesque golf course views offer a spectacular backdrop to Australian pro golfer, Greg Norman who was at Old Palm yesterday. Mr. Norman was shooting his latest ad campaign for Macy’s. The scenic preserves coupled with spectacular greens make Old Palm the perfect setting for a photo shoot. Greg Norman for Tasso Elba is an exclusive brand of Macy’s and can be purchased in stores or online.

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Old Palm uses Trackman for precision-fit clubs
August 30, 2013

Golfers need every advantage they can get to lower their scores, and a properly fit set of clubs is a great starting point. That’s where Old Palm’s TrackMan golf radar system excels. It’s just one of many advanced technologies in our Golf Studio that helps our members play their best Using manufacturer demo products and TrackMan, we can fit our membersâ golf clubs to a tee. The technology allows them to watch the trajectories of their shots in 3D, so elements such as the clubface, loft and lie can be fine-tuned accordingly The technology also accurately tracks and analyzes the golf clubâs plane and attack angle, providing easy-to-understand quantitative results about the ballâs trajectory, height, hang time, spin and how far it carried in the air. Plus, seeing the flight of golf shots in color just looks cool. You may have seen the…

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Stop slicing for good
August 22, 2013

Golfers that slice the ball often “chop” at it with their arms, rather than properly turning their body when hitting the ball. The result is usually a weak, short shot to the right But you can quickly eliminate slicing with an easy drill, says Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction at Old Palm and one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America In the most recent issue of Golf Magazine, Hackett demonstrates the 3-step drill, which can turn a slice into a power fade—or even a draw. Step One: Pre-Set Impact. Hold a golf ball in your right hand and an iron in your left. Lean forward onto your left foot as if impacting the ball, with your right heel slightly raised and your hips open to the target. Step Two: Swing Back. Stay in your pre-set impact position and make a three-quarter backswing while…


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