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Fall in Love With Palm Beach Gardens
February 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and many are racking their brains for ways to celebrate the day with that special someone. For our residents, the local area offers countless ways to treat your valentine to a great time. We’ve narrowed them down to our top five.

Hit the Green

Offering the finest luxury homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens isn’t all our golf club is known for. Our community is also home to one of South Florida’s top golf courses, and it just so happens to be a prime location for a date with your golf-loving better half. Even if your valentine’s skill aren’t where they’d like them to be, a golf lesson is a fun and beneficial way to spend time together.

See a Show

Even with its light traffic and quiet streets, the local area is a hub…

Exciting News for Golfers at Old Palm
November 17, 2017

Whether it’s hosting exciting events for residents or listing new luxury golf homes in Palm Beach Gardens, there is never a shortage of exciting things happening at Old Palm. Our latest announcements pertain specifically to golfers at our community, including an excellent upcoming course and a new face at the Golf Studio.

AimPoint Express Coming to Old Palm

Mark Sweeny, founder and developer of AimPoint Golf and inventor of the AimPoint Virtual Putting Line and AimPoint Green Reading Method, will be teaching two classes at Old Palm on Friday, November 10. The world’s top green-reading system, AimPoint Green Reading is a putting solution that integrates read, speed and aim. Tour players, amateurs and juniors in more than 40 countries have turned to AimPoint to achieve lower scores. During the course, you will be guided by Sweeney, who was recently named one of the Best Teachers

Five Tips to Light a Spark Under Your Fairway Wood
November 02, 2017

Old Palm Golf Club is home to some of the best golfers in the world, and that’s not a coincidence. In addition to boasting a championship golf course that attracts top industry pros, our luxury golf club community in South Florida also offers unrivaled opportunities for instruction. Director of Instruction Mark Hackett is offering some tips for burning rubber out on the golf course right here on our blog.

Want to give the ball the ride of its life? These five tips will help get you there.

1. Get Behind the Ball Stand

tall behind the ball, square your shoulders and stare down your target line. Most importantly, get your game face on. Picture the shot exploding down the fairway on a low, piercing trajectory.

2. Prepare to Sweep

As you make practice swings, focus on “sweeping” the club…

Golf Club Equipment Buying Guide
July 05, 2017

Golf Digest has released its 2017 Hot List naming this year’s best new golf clubs. Before the residents and avid golfers of our premier Palm Beach golf club community rush out to add these cutting edge tools to their golf bags, they should consult with one of our South Florida PGA Professional golf instructors and review the basic golf club buying guide provided below.

Consider Handicap and Skill Level

The most important thing to remember when buying golf clubs is to find a club that suits the individual player’s skill level, handicap, and other unique characteristics. Old Palm residents have access to an exceptional team of South Florida PGA Professional golf instructors who can make suggestions based on experience, physical traits and playing styles. A player’s unique playing characteristics should direct all golf club buying decisions.

Shaft Length

One of the first…

Fitness Tips For Golfers & Golf Workout
June 29, 2017

Golf is not always seen as a very physically demanding sport, though it does have many health benefits. However, any seasoned golfer knows that being in good shape has a major impact on the golfer’s game. Aside from preventing injuries, working out and stretching improves one’s swing by increasing range of motion and strength. Residents of Old Palm, a premier Palm Beach golf club community, not only have access to a world-class golf experience, but also a state-of-the-art fitness center where they can apply the following fitness tips for golfers to improve their game.

What to Work On

Before hitting the putting greens, hit the gym. Players who boost their physical health and fitness can prevent overuse injuries and muscle imbalances, and simultaneously achieve a stronger swing, improved movement on the course, and an overall better golf game. An ideal golf workout is one…


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