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Ring in the New!
December 29, 2016

For some it flew by too fast, for others it couldn't make an exit fast enough. Whether you wax nostalgic or can't wait for what's ahead, Old Palm residents rang in 2017 in style. There was no better place to celebrate on New Year's Eve than at the Club at Old Palm, where family, friends and neighbors enjoyed a special evening of dining and dancing featuring one of south Florida's most in-demand bands, The Headliners. On New Year's Day, Chef Jason Soule and his team served a fabulous brunch buffet at the Club from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The first of January ushers in a full slate of social activity as we work our way towards the trifecta of charity balls: the Red Cross Ball on February 4 at Mar-a-Lago, the Heart Ball on February 14 at The Breakers, and Everything's Coming Up Roses Ball at Trump

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The hole-in-ones are flying at Old Palm
February 09, 2015

Some golfers play their entire lives and never get close to making a hole-in-one. Apparently, that doesn’t apply to the enthusiastic golfers at Old Palm. Within just 12 days, three of them sunk their tee shots on Old Palm’s spectacular Raymond Floyd-designed golf course.

Liz Litowitz was first, scoring an ace from 94 yards away on the 15th hole. She hit a beautiful shot with her six iron, which now her favorite club.

Five days later, Mickey Hawkes duplicated the feat from a different set of tees on the 15th hole. Using a nine iron from 144 yards, he hit what caddie Shawn Doyle called “the perfect shot,” as it rolled into the hole.

Not to be outdone, a week later, member Bob Lyons pulled out his trusty nine iron on the 6th hole and knocked his tee shot right into the hole. It

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Swivel Your Head for a Smooth Start
February 02, 2015

Lots of players struggle to feel comfortable at address. Even with your favorite club in hand, youâre not always sure youâre aimed correctly. Your posture may feel funny. Sometimes, you get locked up and have a hard time starting your swing. So whatâs the solution Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction at Old Palm and one of Golf Magazineâs Top 100 Teachers in America, offered this four-step advice in a recent issue of the magazine Step One Step into your address position with your right foot only while swiveling your head to focus on your target. As you stare down your target line, sole the club on the ground behind the ball and aim the face where you want the ball to land. Step Two With your eyes still focused on the target, step in with your left foot. Burn one last image of the target in…

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Westwood is eager and ready for the Ryder Cup
September 19, 2014

In the three weeks since Old Palm resident and member Lee Westwood was selected to play for Team Europe in the 2014 Ryder Cup, he has been preparing with a vengeance. He’s been watching his diet, lost more than 20 pounds and been doing double gym sessions—cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon. To hone his game, Westwood has been playing the golf courses at Celtic Manor, a resort in Wales that has hosted the Ryder Cup in 2010. This year’s Ryder Cup will be at the legendary Gleneagles in Scotland from September 23 through 28. Westwood will be making his ninth consecutive appearance in the biennial match against the United States.

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The secret to hitting a 75-yard shot
September 08, 2014

Most golfers hit a sand wedge farther than 75 yards and a lob wedge not quite as far. So how do you consistently execute a 75-yard shot that is between clubs Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction at Old Palm and one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America, offered this advice in a recent issue of the magazine Step One—Set It Up Use your sand wedge and take a shoulder-wide stance to reduce body turn. Set the shaft so it points to the center of your body. Position the ball slightly behind the middle of your stance. Grip down. Pull your left foot back so the big toe is even with the ball of the right foot. Step Two—Swing Three Quarter to Three Quarter The set-up will limit your shoulder and hip flexibility, so it will be easy to stop your swing at three-quarters back. Thatâ…


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