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Turf Talk by Lee Bladen
July 28, 2014

Turf Talk with Lee Bladen Old Palm Superintendent Well we certainly know it is the rainy season here in Florida, with rain  18 out of the last 24 days, totaling over 11.5 inches. While it is taking us a little longer than normal to complete our work, we continue to plod along in between the rain drops Normally in years past we have scheduled 2 greens aerifications, believing they were sufficient to provide adequate relief from compaction and organic material development in the soil. This year we scheduled a third aerification on the putting greens because the Tifeagle Bermudagrass creates a denser compacted surface than our previous turf, the Paspalum. This tight soil condition doesn't allow for any downward water movement, or the proliferation of root growth. Remember roots grow in the airspaces between the soil particles. So the tighter the soil the fewer roots of the plant. Because leaf…

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Bye holes add another dimension to golf
June 30, 2014

Only a handful of golf courses around the world feature a bye hole, and Old Palm Golf Club’s spectacular Raymond Floyd-designed course is one of them. Traditionally, the bye hole is an extra, 19th hole at the end of the round that is used to settle bets At Old Palm, itâs a heroic-style, 99-yard Par 3 over water to an island green. The hole is not only used for friendly post-round bets, but also to add competitive fun to events at the Club. During Pub Nights, members often play the hole by teeing off from the Clubâs event lawn The term âbye holeâ takes its name from those holes not played after a match has been won. For instance, if a player is three holes up with only two holes left, he wins the match. The competitors can either stop at that point or play…

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Some golf terms have unusual origins
June 25, 2014

Even beginner golfers know common terms such as âpar,â âbogeyâ and âfore!â But not everyone knows the etymology behind most golf terms. Here are a few terms of interest and their origins that Old Palmâs members can use to entertain the others in their foursome Albatross. Scoring three under par on one hole (a 2 on a Par 5 for instance) is an albatross, which is a continuation of the birdie-eagle theme. An albatross is more commonly known as a double eagle. Old Palm member and resident Louis Oosthuizen made his most famous albatross on the Par 5 second hole in the 2012 Masters, after holing a 253-yard four iron Bunker. Itâs a bunker not a sand trap. The term comes from the Scottish word âbonkar,â meaning âchestâ â the kind that holds something, like poorly struck golf balls. Raymond Floyd designed Old…

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Summer reciprocal golf program in full swing
May 23, 2014

Each summer, Old Palm offers members a reciprocal golf program that allows them to play a variety of top-notch courses throughout the area. This year, 10 courses are participating in the program so our members can choose from a wide variety of championship courses The courses offer different privileges and fees. For details and to schedule a tee time, call the Old Palm Golf Shop directlyâ561-472-5120 The participating courses are: Banyan Golf Club Play Tuesday-Sunday, June 1-September 30 Emerald Dunes Club Play Tuesday-Sunday, May 1-31; Oct. 1-16 Wednesday-Sunday, June 1-Sept. 30 Frenchmanâs Creek Country Club Play Monday-Friday through Oct. 31 (9AM-2PM) Saturdays and Sundays subject to availability Old Marsh Golf Club Play Tuesday-Sunday through October 15 Loblolly Golf Club Play Wednesday-Sunday through October 15 Lost Tree Club Play through October 15, except some Tuesdays and Wednesdays Medalist Golf Club Play Tuesday-Sunday through October 15 Quail Ridge Country Club…

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Hackett illustrates the perfect backswing in Golf Magazine
May 15, 2014

In the June 2014 issue of Golf Magazine, Old Palm Director of Instruction Mark Hackett explains the two steps to a perfect backswing. The magazine has honored Hackett as one of America’s Top 100 Instructors every year since 2009, so his advice is well founded. Hackett says the key to playing well for pros and amateurs alike is to think less about the mechanics of golf. In fact, he recommends concentrating on two thoughts maximum when swinging. Emptying your mind of clutter will allow you to swing “in the zone.” In the case of the backswing, Hackett suggests these two thoughts:

  • Turn your left shoulder under your chin while keeping the upper part of your left arm snug against your chest.
  • Point your left thumb at your right shoulder.
Combined, these two moves eliminate 90% of backswing errors by getting the shaft and clubhead where they need to…


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