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New homes and new models keep Old Palm Golf Club fresh and alluring
January 06, 2012

The Palm Beach Post- January 6, 2012-Old Palm Golf Club is always abuzz with activity, especially during the season. Visitors that havenât seen Old Palm in a while are often surprised by how much it has changed since their last visit. In the past several months alone, new families have moved in, new model homes have opened, and others are under construction. Remarkably, Old Palm is the only private Club community in the Palm Beaches featuring new homes and six, new models The beauty of Old Palm is its three distinct neighborhoods, each with its own personality and style of homes, so buyers have an abundance of choices perfectly situated to their lifestyles. The Palm Beach-inspired homes in the Golf Estates neighborhood range from 3,400 to 5,000 square feet and are beautifully situated on quarter-acre lots overlooking private water features, preserves or the Raymond Floyd-designed golf course. Mediterranean architecture…

Mark My Words
December 30, 2011

By Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction, Old Palm Golf Club Did you know that the height you tee up the ball affects how far you drive it?  It’s true. Research using larger-headed drivers (460 cc) shows that balls fly farther when struck slightly above the center of the clubface. That’s because the ball leaves the clubface at a higher launch angle with less spin, which maximizes distance. When balls are struck below the center, the clubface de-lofts, increasing backspin and producing shorter drives. So try teeing up your ball with half of it above the top of the clubface when the club is soled on the ground. You may need to experiment from this position, remembering the goal is to hit high line drives with your driver.  

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Are you game for a little Mahjongg?
December 28, 2011

The ancient game of Mahjongg is experiencing a rebirth, especially at Old Palm Golf Club. Every Monday and Wednesday, a group meets in the Ladies Lounge to play the popular rummy-like game that uses tiles instead of cards. The competition is fierce but friendly, and anyone who’s interested is welcome to join the fun. Mahjongg, or “Maajh,” as it is often called, originated in China supposedly around the time of Confucius in 500 B.C. When it was finally introduced into the United States in the 1920s, Mahjongg became an instant sensation. It’s still incredibly popular, and whether you win or lose, it’s always a great way to pass the time with friends. So drop by the Ladies Lounge and try your hand at Mahjongg.

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Good times on tap for pub nights
December 27, 2011

Every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, the members of Old Palm pour into the Club lounge for Pub Night. It’s a fun-loving, casual get-together where friends can catch up over drinks and just be themselves. It’s the one night of the week where denim is permitted in the Club and as always informality rules The TVs are on, the conversations are lively, and the hors d’oeuvres run the gamut from seared tuna to freshly grilled sliders. Just outside, a golf tee mat is usually set up so members can fire shots at the 19th hole green, trying to win the closest-to-the-pin contest But the good times arenât just limited to adults. Once a month, we also hold a Kids Pub Night on the lawn next to the lounge. The activities change all the time. Recently, the kids were outside bungee jumping while their…

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Mark My Words
December 23, 2011

By Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction, Old Palm Golf Club Has anyone ever told you to hold the golf club only as tight as if you were holding a bird in your hand? Itâs true! The muscles in your wrists, arms and shoulders are greatly influenced by how tightly you hold the club, and loose muscles are better than tight muscles Proper grip pressure helps produce a free-flowing, smooth swing and maintain control of the club during the swing. Tight grip pressure often results in a lack of club head speed and a slice. A good way to check your grip pressure is to hold the grip end pointing toward the ground, just like in the picture. Hold the club just tight enough so that it doesnât slip through your fingers. It might seem unbelievable, but thatâs all the pressure you need. And youâll want to…


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